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Kona, Hawai'i

About Aloha Sailing

Sailing in Kona, Hawai'i at it's best!

Enjoy day-sailing adventures along the Kona Coast of Hawai'i. Visitors & kamaina are welcome to join Aloha Sailing club and have practically unlimited use of our fleet of easy to handle sailboats.

Are you a sailor at heart? Would you enjoy a peaceful afternoon listening to the wind in the rigging, waves lapping against the side of the boat? Or how about a few hours of action packed buoy racing? Aloha Sailing club maybe what you’re looking for. Experience the fun of sailing without the all the responsibility and cost that goes with owning a boat…initial outlay for the purchase, storing it and repairing it.

Join Aloha Sailing and enjoy the benefits of sailing. Leave the repairs and maintenance of outboard motors, rigging, or new sails to our professional staff. All aspects of the boats are maintained to be safe and functional. Periodic upgrades of sails and gear are all covered in the cost of your membership. Your only cost is equivalent to what it would cost you to park your own boat on a monthly basis. If you ever can’t make use of the boat any longer, you don’t have to worry about selling your boat, you just quit the club. So for “no worries” sailing, join us!

Aloha Sailing Club offers affordable sailing opportunities to both experienced sailors and novices by providing boats to use for certified sailors who don’t own a boat of their own, or lessons and sailing experiences for novices who want to learn how to sail better. Aloha SC facilitates the goals of our members who want to someday captain one of our boats, charter boats elsewhere, or buy their own boat, and already be a proficient sailor. For others their goal might just be, to be a good, knowledgeable crew.

We expect an experienced captain to be proficient in the following basic skills, and we instruct our novice members in these same skills.

1. Knots Vocabulary
2. Setting up the boat properly
3. Leaving and returning to the slip/harbor
4. Sailing into the harbor/dock under sail alone (in case engine dies)
5. Launching and retrieving to a trailer
6. Various points of sail: beating, reaching, and running, etc.
7. Handling the motor
8. Man overboard drills
9. Safety at sea: taking care of your boat, and crew
10. Anchoring/picking up moorings
11. Heaving to
12. Reefing
13. Changing jibs/knowing when to change jibs
14. Heavy weather sailing

These skills are taught and endorsed by US Sailing and The American Sailing Association, and are essential to safe and enjoyable Sailing. Besides these basic skills, we try to expose our sailors to racing and cruising.

Racing Sailors learn to sail in close proximity with other boats, learn the rules of the road, and hone their boat handling skills.

Cruising Sailors learn to plan for a trip, provision, navigate, steer by compass, set up a self steering device, endure heavy weather, feel what it’s like to live aboard a boat for more that a few hours, be on watches, sail both night and day, and deal with other crew members in close proximity.

Experience sailing fun for just $90 per month!

Get started with $250*
Initiation fee = $70
2 mos ($90/mo) of membership fees upfront = $180


* Due to increase in the GET tax to 4.4386% and in the water mooring 60% taking effect in January 2019, and on land parking 70% increase last year, we will be raising our fee for the 1st time since we began in 2003.



You can feel the breeze, watch for whales,
check out the dolphins & sea turtles,
or sail to great snorkel spots.

Alicia & Daniel Starsong, founders

Why Join?

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Novice Sailors 
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Who we are?

Aloha Sailing's members are a diverse group. We are made up of mostly local Hawai'i residents, sailboat lover, and adventurers. As co-founders and sponsors to the Big Island Sailing Foundation, our membership includes both the young and the young-at-heart.

Hawai'i residents, 75% 75
Sailboat Lovers, 90% 90
Adventurers, 90% 75
Young-at-heart or youth, 100% 100

Sailing Experiences included in Membership

It’s up to the member to come to as many sailing events as they can during the 2-month membership period. We don’t charge to take out novice sailors with our US Sailing Certified Instructors, nor do we charge members for boat usage. During the week we have a lot of boat time available. We generally have group sailing sessions every weekend on one boat with US Sailing Certified Instructors, and another boat is available to qualified skippers.

Booking Cancellation Policy Our time is valuable; as is yours, so please call at least 24 hours in advance if you can’t make a scheduled event, thus allowing us to fill your position on the boat. Your dues are not a payment for classes; they are payment for the length of time (of your membership). We encourage you to enjoy as much sailing as you can with your club membership.

Basic Day Sailing Keelboat Crew

Five 3-hour sessions with 3-4 other new members who are novice sailors. We cover: tacking, jibing, points of sail, sail trim, docking, man overboard & rules of the road are covered over the 15 hours. Five sessions give you ample time on the water to get a feel for the fundamentals of sailing. At this level you are qualified to crew on other peoples boats. Available to all current members.

Day Sailing Keelboat Skipper

Four 4-hour lessons with up to three students per boat. Students will review previously learned sailing skills, develop independent thinking, and skippering skills. Outboard motor handling and docking will be emphasized. Basic coastal navigation, GPS use and anchoring will be introduced. (Available to all members of 3 or more months.) Upon completion of course, and demonstrations of specific skills, you are qualified to skipper a Club boat with in 3 miles of Honokohau Harbor in fair weather and rent boats elsewhere.

Basic Coastal Cruising

Participate in a weekend cruise while practicing coastal navigation; understanding charts, anchoring techniques, review sailing and docking skills and outboard motor trouble-shooting. This session will be held as a two or three day overnight cruise. We use a 30 to 36 ft boat for this adventure. Upon completion you are qualified to skipper an Aloha Sailing boat within 30 miles of Honokohau Harbor in fair weather. You will receive a Bare Boat Skipper certificate. Crewmembers are also welcome to take this course.

Stories & Photography

See photos and hear travel stories from our members for the inside scoop on sailing internationally!

Meet New Friends

Looking to get out and socialize? Sailors are some of the friendliest people you'll meet! Get a membership and join in on all of the fun in & out of the water!


Need advice? Many of our members have decades of experience and would love to help make you a better sailor!

Our Photos

These are just a few of the great photos we have taken over the years.
Come back for more in a few weeks!

Aloha Sailing boat with skipper Nancy at the helm
Aloha Sailing boat with skipper Nancy at the helm

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Wahine Sailors
Wahine Sailors

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Daniel & student members take 1st place at the race!
Daniel & student members take 1st place at the race!

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Captain Dan enjoying the great weather
Captain Dan enjoying the great weather

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Interested in Joining?
We are always looking for great potential new members!

Meet our Team

Sometimes we have guest instructors from other islands, and members who are now qualified skippers also assist. Most people do not sail by themselves, so we encourage sailors to draw from our group of crew and skippers to make their sailing experiences more rewarding.

Alicia Starsong | Co-Founder
US Sailing Certified Instructor

Alicia cruised Mexico for a year and a half, crossing from Mexico to Hawai'i plus many miles of coastal cruising. She's done club racing out of Santa Cruz California and Kona, Hawai'i.

Skipper instructors

We have qualified skipper instructors that assist during peak times!

What Are People saying?

I had the best time. Can't wait to do it again!


What Are People Saying?

Wonderful guidance filled with skills, plus the bonus of learning nautical history!


What Are People Saying?

More coming soon!

E-mail us your reviews!

Plans Available

The following membership plans are available, depending upon qualifications.

  • Visitors (2 Weeks or Less)
    Apply as a skipper &
    Your first mate joins for
    2 weeks free!
  • Skipper Guests
    $70 Initiation Fee
    Young children are encouraged to attend sailing camps of Big Island Sailing Foundation. Aloha Sailing provides BISF independent instructors!
  • Problems downloading an application?
    If you experience problems downloading the application please email us at

Continuing Members Most people will not be proficient sailors after only five to seven lessons in two months time, so you can continue your membership for one or more months at a time. We do offer discounts to longterm members. Your initiation fee is good for two years from when you sign up if you are non-active. If you were active then stopped, we will keep you on active status for two years from your last participation, after that you will be deleted and will have to pay an initiation fee, and two-month membership again.

Membership Cancellation Policy Once your first sailing date is set the initiation fee becomes non-refundable. It is up to the member to utilizes the opportunities available to them within their two month membership period. Extending your membership’s expiration, due to sickness or unforeseen events, is at the discretion of our management.

Contact Us

We welcome you to contact us via phone, e-mail, or mail.

Primary (808) 640-0662

Secondary (808) 989-0993

We are based out of

Honokohau Harbor
74-425 Kealakehe Parkway
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

The harbor is at the ocean end of the parkway. As you enter the parkway, our boats are berthed on the south side.

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